The team at Napleton's Countryside Mazda knows all too well how frustrating it can be when your Mazda key fob stops working. Instead of heading to our service center to have the key fob battery replaced every time it dies, you can learn how to open a Mazda key fob and replace the battery from the comfort of your own home! This helpful Mazda key fob battery replacement guide by our expertservice team will help you get your key fob working properly again in no time!

How to Open a Mazda Key Fob

When you crack open your Mazda6 key fob casing (or the casing for another Mazda model, for that matter), getting your key fob battery changed in and around Cicero is a quick and easy fix. First, you'll want to grab electrical tape and a flathead screwdriver; yes, those are the only supplies you'll need to open a Mazda key fob!

Here's how to open the Mazda key fob's plastic housing in order to get access to the battery:

  1. Remove the analogue metal key.
  2. Locate the notch on either side of the case.
  3. Cover the end of the screwdriver in electrical tape to prevent scratches.
  4. Pop the case open by leveraging the screwdriver in one notch, then the other.

Now you're ready to finish the process by following the Mazda key fob battery replacement instructions below. 

How to Change the Battery in Mazda Key Fob

After you open your key fob, it's time for you to swap out the battery. When buying a new Mazda key fob battery, you should keep the old one handy to ensure you get the proper replacement. While you can find new batteries at your local hardware store or big box store, you can also order the parts online from our parts department. 

Once you have the right battery, here's how to replace the Mazda key fob battery:

  1. Now that your case is open, remove the old battery.
  2. Carefully inspect the rubber ring where the battery sits to ensure it's in good condition. If not, you'll want to replace that as well to ensure that it stays in place. Of course, you can always get them from the Napleton's Countryside Mazda parts store.
  3. Simply place the new battery in the housing, with the positive (+) side up.
  4. Reassemble your plastic housing, pressing until you hear the case snap back into position.
  5. You're ready to hit Chicago roads with your functional Mazda key fob!

Get Mazda Key Fob Battery Replacement Help in Countryside

Do you still need assistance replacing your Mazda key fob battery? Our service team is more than happy to help. If you've replaced the battery and it's still not working, it could be another issue. Before visiting Napleton's Countryside Mazda, be sure to check out our service coupons to save even more at your next service appointment. Have questions in the meantime? Contact us!

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