Picture this: you're enjoying a calm commute from Berwyn to Cicero when you notice red, white, or amber-colored Mazda dashboard warning lights pop up. While your initial reaction may be panic, they're not always cause for alarm! With this guide from Napleton's Countryside Mazda, our service experts can help you recognize Mazda dashboard warning lights and their meanings to help you drive through the Chicagoland area worry-free!

What Do My Mazda Dashboard Lights Mean?

Mazda dashboard warning lights may seem intimidating, but they're not always an indication of something concerning. You should be alarmed if the light is flashing red, or if it has to do with your drivetrain. However, if it's something to do with your seatbelts, tire pressure, or another small issue, these can be remedied without scheduling service at our Mazda repair center.

Use the following key to diagnose your Mazda dashboard warning lights:

Engine Warning Lights & Symbol Meanings:

  • Engine Oil Level Warning Light - Shows oil can with a single drop coming out above liquid
  • High Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Indication - Depicts a thermometer above liquid with three lines protruding from the right
  • Check Engine Light - Shows depiction of an engine

Brake System Warning Lights & Symbol Meanings:

  • Brake System Indicator/Warning Light - Circle with exclamation point with two parentheses
  • ABS Warning Light - Circle with "ABS" in the middle
  • Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Warning Indication/Warning Light - Circle with a P and exclamation point surrounded by two parentheses
  • Smart Brake Support/Smart City Brake Support (SBS/SCBS) Warning Indication - Shows one vehicle rear-ending another and a star meant to represent a collision

Safety & Informative Warning Lights & Symbol Meanings:

  • Lane-keep Assist System (LAS) & Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) Warning Indication - Depicts a vehicle from above with two lines on either side
  • Seat Belt Warning Light (Front seat) - Depicts two seated passengers with seat belts on and the word "passenger" between them
  • Seat Belt Warning Light (Rear seat) - Red light with three seated passengers with seatbelts on
  • High Beam Control System (HBC) Warning Indication/Warning Light - Amber light with a light and five beams coming out from the left
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) Warning Indication - Depicts one vehicle approaching another with waves between each other
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go Function (MRCC with Stop & Go Function) Warning Indication - Amber light depicting a speedometer and a vehicle approaching

Tires Warning Lights & Symbol Meanings:  

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light - Shows a deflated tire with an exclamation point

Fluid Warning Lights & Symbol Meanings: 

  • Low Fuel Warning Indication/Warning Light - Gas pump with an arrow indicating the side your fuel door is on
  • Check Fuel Cap Warning Indication/Warning Light - Shows a vehicle with an oversized fuel filler nozzle
  • Low Washer Fluid Level Warning Indication - Shows windshield with dotted lines representing washer fluid

Additional Mazda Warning Lights & Symbols: 

  • Charging System Warning Indicator/Warning Light - Depicts a car battery with +/- inside
  • Power Steering Malfunction Indication - Steering wheel with an exclamation point
  • Master Warning Indication/Warning Light - Triangle with an exclamation mark
  • Automatic Transaxle Warning Indication - AT
  • AWD Warning Indication - 4WD
  • Airbag/Front Seat Belt Pretensioner System Warning Light - Depicts a seated passenger with seatbelt and airbag deployed
  • KEY Warning Indication - Amber or white depiction of a car key with an exclamation point
  • LED Headlight Warning Light - Shows a hanging light bulb with an exclamation mark in the middle surrounded by beams of light
  • Door-Ajar Warning Light - Animation of your Mazda vehicle with the doors open

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